About Eric Okauru

Eric Okauru NC pic

Eric Okauru, an internationally known pastor, leadership mentor, prophet, and author, operates Raleigh, NC-based Kings Kingdom Ministries as founder and overseer. During his work as a spiritual leader, he has presided over wedding ceremonies, delivered sermons, and led worship services, and does his best to live a life that encourages worship and spiritual insight. Eric Okauru spends much of his time praying, reading, and thinking about the Gospel in NC, and seeks to encourage that same mindfulness in those who follow him.

Eric Okauru also helps those who seek change in their approach to their financial and monetary issues. His approach encourages mindfulness, and focuses on three fundamental principles: setting good goals, defining objectives, and executing the mission. This approach calls on practitioners to take control of their lives, taking small, meaningful steps toward their goals each day. 

Mr. Okauru enjoys charitable work and playing music, especially on the piano, in his spare time. He has performed fundraising activities to support the homeless in his area.

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